General Info

Items to Bring to Camp

*Goalkeepers must bring their own equipment.


Camp counselors are mature, responsible individuals hand-picked by camp administrators to ensure that each camper will have a safe, positive experience. The counselors will live in the dormitory, supervise campers at night, attend meals and assist at instructional sessions. There will be 24-hour supervision of all campers.

Medical Care

Parents should arrange for campers' accident and health insurance. Qualified athletic trainers will attend all instructional sessions.

Refund Policy

Camp cost minus $100 (administrative fee) will be refunded if requested before May 30th. Half of your camp cost will be refunded if requested before June 30th.
NO REFUNDS from 12:01 am on July 1st (unless dire circumstances, with appropriate medical documentation).
The online convenience fee is NON-REFUNDABLE